Aliens: Berserker

    (Dark Horse, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Deep Space Terminal 949 was a space station and repair dock floating in the coldness of space. Once it was the home to almost 1,000 crew and visitors. Now radio traffic from the station had ceased. Aliens were suspected to have overrun the station, and the Berserker crew of Hunter/Killer Nemesis was sent in to flush them out.

For this crew of misfits, it was a suicide mission, and they knew it. No matter how well armed they were, half a dozen humans stood no chance against hundreds of Aliens. Their only chance was the Berserker, a hugely powerful armored suit manned by Max, a crewman whose nervous system was directly connected to the suit’s electronics. The man-machine interface was so complete that Max was “switched on” by computer, pumping in adrenaline to activate his near–unstoppable power. With Max at their side, the team could take on an army of bugs. But not even this team was ready for what they found inside D.S. 949.

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