The Amazing Adventures of Ace International

    (Starhead, 1993)
©1993 Dennis P. Eichorn and the respective illustrators. Cover art by Peter Kuper

Famed Seattle alternative comics writer Dennis P. Eichhorn created The Amazing Adventures of Ace International in 1993. It stars Eichhorn’s own “investigative alter ego” of Ace International, a fedora-wearing private detective who specializes in tracking down deadbeats.

The early stories tell of how Eichhorn (then a hippie living in 1960s San Francisco) took a job as a process server in order to pay the rent. Eichhorn proved adept at this thankless job and eventually decided to strike out on his own. His later adventures in the investigative trade come illustrated by Peter Kuper, Jim Woodring, Michael Dougan, and others.
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November, 1993
Cover Price: $2.95
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Dennis P. EichhornDoug Allen, Pat Moriarity, Mats O. Stromberg, Lloyd Dangle, Michael Dougan, R.L. Crabb