Judge Dredd Megazine (Vol. 2)

    (Fleetway Quality, 1992-1996)
™ and © Fleetway Editions, Ltd.

May 2, 1992 saw the release of this new showcase for hardcore law enforcer Judge Dredd. An offshoot of Britain’s 2000 A.D., this magazine-sized series featured Dredd as he meted out his hard-nosed style of justice to lawbreakers from Mega-City One to the outlands of Texas. (It’s interesting to note that in issue one of this series, New York City is categorically stated to be the site upon which Mega-City One was built.)

In addition to its ongoing Judge Dredd storylines, this “megazine” also includes backup stories starring the likes of “Devlin Waugh” (created by John Smith and Sean Phillips of Crisis and New Statesmen fame), a Charles Bronson-esque investigator with a decadent bent, and “the Bad Man,” a mysterious assassin whose machinations lay at the heart of the world’s eventual slide toward global warfare.
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John Wagner, Chris Standley, Robbie Morrison, Jim Alexander, Alan GrantCarlos Ezquerra, Jim Murray, David Millgate, LOL, Simon Bisley