(Malibu, 1992)
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The expert archer is a iconic character in super-hero comics. DC has Green Arrow, Marvel has Hawkeye, and Malibu has the Arrow, a marksman with a bad attitude. Although the Arrow’s skill with a bow is formidable, it isn’t flawless, possibly because the Arrow is usually drinking in a bar. He has a sullen personality and spends quite a bit of time wallowing in self-pity. Those characteristics, coupled with arrows that have real points, not boxing gloves or other various gimmicks, became a combination with deadly consequences.

As a result of one of those consequences, Man of War informs the Arrow that his presence in The Protectors is not desired. This just gives him something else to whine about. But with an attitude like the Arrow’s, it could be The Protectors who will be feeling sorry for themselves.

— George Haberberger

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