Bacchus Color Special

    (Dark Horse, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Eddie Campbell

Eddie Campbell marked the end of his run at Dark Horse with this one-shot color special. In series like The Eyeball Kid, Campbell had brought readers tales of the ancient gods walking the earth as decrepit has-beens. This special walks the same territory, featuring the Greek god of wine (and now, old drunk), Bacchus.

Accompanied by Big Ginny (queen of the Amazons), Bacchus sets off to Manzanilla, Spain where a rich collector has acquired a bottle of wine made by Bacchus in days of yore. According to the bottle’s lore, Bacchus had stopped making wine for centuries, until he fell in love with a woman and was inspired to practice his art once again. Inevitably, their affair ended, but a bottle of the wine survived. Indeed, it is said that anyone who witnesses the opening of the bottle will be granted their heart’s desire. As far as Bacchus is concerned, however, it would be far better if the bottle was forever left sealed.

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