Steed and Mrs. Peel

    (Eclipse, 1990-1991)
™ and ©1990 Weintraub Entertainment (Rights) Ltd.

On television, The Avengers were not a colorful group of super-heroes, but a stylish duo of secret agents. The genteel John Steed, looking eminently English in his bowler hat and umbrella, teamed up with the lithe and athletic Mrs. Emma Peel in order to solve mysteries and catch international terrorists.

In this three-issue series by writer Grant Morrison and artist Ian Gibson, The Avengers are called upon to look into the murder of the eccentric Admiral Fawnshawe. It seems that although someone claiming to be the admiral was walking about, the admiral’s body was resting at the bottom of a lake. This puzzling occurrence was only the first in a series of perplexing murders, all tied into the Palamedes Club, a social club for the designers of games. Someone, it seems, is turning murder into a sport—and the deeper conspiracy involves nuclear launch codes as game pieces!

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