Batman: Mr. Freeze

    (DC, 1997)
™ and ©1997 DC Comics

As a young boy, Victor Fries was obsessed with freezing insects in ice cubes. Perhaps it was coincidental that this obsession later became his lifework as he became a scientist specializing in cryogenics, or the study of cold. After a painful childhood, Victor was finally happy with both his work and a devoted wife at home. But when his wife Nora became terminally ill, Victor’s mind snapped; he froze Nora in suspended animation until she could be cured. When authorities try to shut down his illegal cryogenic experiment, Victor tried to shoot the interlopers, but instead caused a horrible accident that froze his body. Thus forced to live in a refrigerated suit to stay live, he took the name Mr. Freeze and planned a two-way revenge. One, to turn Gotham City into an iceberg; and two, to get even with Batman, whom Victor blames for the final death of his wife.
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May, 1997
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Cover is part of quadtych; NN; Origin of Mr. Freeze; One-shot; Prestige format Paul DiniMark Buckingham