(Nate Butler Studio, 1990)
™ and ©1990 Nate Butler Studio, Inc.

Aida-Zee stands out from many other evangelical comics in that it recruited professionals from the comics field to write and illustrate the stories. The long list of talent includes Dick Ayers (Sgt. Fury, Fantastic Four), Nestor Redondo (Swamp Thing), Gaylord DuBois (Space Family Robinson), and Nate Butler (Archie’s Pal Jughead).

The message in question is about the saving power of Christ, and the rejection of evil in all its forms. Some of the most surprising and effective stories include “Alien Operation,” which seems to tell of an alien massacre of human captives, only to reveal itself in the end as an allegory for abortion. The short story, “Silent Night, Unholy Night” also scores on the same topic by showing an elder counseling Mary, “You’re pregnant out of wedlock, you’re poor, and your fiancé doesn’t think the child is his…it might be best for everyone if you aborted.”

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  Gaylord Du Bois, Irv Ziemann, Jose Ponce, Judi Ellingson, Nate Butler, Paul Thomas Hughes, Rob Bradford, Rudy Rankins, Vic EmertJack Davis, Kerry Gammill, Murphy Anderson, Nestor Redondo