The Adventures of Bio Boy

    (Speakeasy, 2005)
™ and ©2005 Sal Cipriano

Declaring itself “The Universe’s #1 Game Show,” this book doesn’t feature a lot of trivia questions or puzzles. Instead writer Sal Cipriano has populated his story with such offbeat elements as a band of hip-hop she-demon pirates called the Latifahs, a giant robot squid called the Robo-squider, and a cybernetic teenage star with a rebellious robot as his left arm. The light-hearted story might remind some longtime comic readers of Longshot, another character who embarked on madcap adventures for the amusement of a television audience.

— Colin Chan

From the Comics Buyer’s Guide:

Bioboy is a 24-page story about a cybernetic game-show star. Built by a mostly uncaring crew of techies in the future, Bioboy must face lethal challenges while battling demons and pirate women—and dealing with his treacherous left arm, which is also a detachable robot. The entire story is broadcast to the universe and is billed as “The Universe’s #1 Game Show!” Part Truman Show, part a typical super-hero comic, Bioboy is fun and weird.

The story puts a new twist on senseless fight scenes, because the whole reason the “hero” is facing the “villains” is a fraud. Bioboy is played as an innocent dupe, while his mechanic is a quiet manipulator behind the scenes. Most of the techs on his team are against him, but one girl recognizes Bioboy’s goodness and wants to see him prevail.

Writer Sal Cipriano has created something different and delivers a story that won’t insult the reader’s intelligence. The art is good and has a bit of a European flavor. Sal’s world is just unfolding and seems well planned; readers will look forward to the next issue.

— Tony DiGerolamo
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September, 2005
Cover Price: $2.99
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Sal CiprianoAndy MacDonald, Chris Brimacombe
October, 2005
Cover Price: $2.99
2 copies available from $2.25
Sal CiprianoAndy MacDonald, Jok