Batman: Gordon of Gotham

    (DC, 1998)
™ and ©1998 DC Comics

Denny O’Neil has had a long, prolific career in comics. Although he has scripted countless adventures of Batman, his work really shines when he explores the more human characters of Gotham.

Batman: Gordon of Gotham is a very nicely executed cop story, following a young patrolman named James Gordon (later Commissioner Gordon) as he tries to do his best in a police department racked by corruption. It began when his partner, Sgt. Davidson tried to bust the head of a local hippie. Gordon stopped him, then made the mistake of “making waves” by reporting the abusive conduct.

Right then, Gordon knew Davidson was a bad cop, but he didn’t know how bad. Davidson—and many others in the department—were on the take. And when Gordon began to uncover their scheme, the bad cops decided to set Gordon up—for murder!

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Collects Batman: Gordon of Gotham #1-4, Batman: Gordon’s Law #1-4 and Batman: GCPD #1-4Denny O’NeilDick Giordano