Beast Warriors of Shaolin

    (Pied Piper, 1987)
™ and © Peter Quinonea and Glen Johnson

Phan-Ku is a dragon in mortal form, part of a team of mystical animal/human warriors hiding out in a temple after saving the Emperor’s kingdom from a great evil. Though he loves his team, Phan-Ku is the last of his kind, unsure about his place in the world, and feels compelled to go off alone and find the last dragon woman. But first he’s got to pass a temple test of martial skill, and there are evil ninjas in the way.

This book is written by Peter Quinones with art by Glen Johnson.

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  Glen Johnson, Peter QuiñonesGlen Johnson, Peter Quiñones


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 B&W; ca. 1987Peter QuiñonesGlen Johnson


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