The Adventures of Tony Millionaire’s Sock Monkey

    (Dark Horse, 2000)
™ and © 2000 Tony Millionaire

Many people had sock monkeys as children, but none of those toys led as active lives as Uncle Gabby. The star of this title, accompanied by his flightless stuffed friend, Mr. Crow, sets off on a variety of noble quests, much like the characters in Disney’s “Toy Story” films. Alas, their adventures tend to turn out badly, as the characters’ selfless natures and good intentions are frequently trumped by harsh reality and their own mistakes. In one story, they try to reach a beautiful chandelier that they perceive as heaven. Unfortunately, stuffed animals and gas-powered chandeliers don’t mix. In another, they heroically try to return a shrunken head to the land of its origin, which doesn't work out too well either, since it’s a pretty big world.

These charming adventures frequently end with the characters in dire straits, but when the next story begins, they’re back, safe and sound, in their own home. Clever, witty, and vaguely twisted fun by creator Tony Millionaire, also known for his syndicated “Maakies” comic strip.

— Andy Richardson

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 Collects Sock Monkey Volume One, issues #1-2 and Sock Monkey (Tony Millionaire’s…) Volume Two, issues #1-2; Introduction by John Flansburgh of They Might Be GiantsTony Millionaire, John FlansburghTony Millionaire