(Image, 1996-1997)
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(From the Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

While conforming to most of the rules about inter-company crossovers (namely “for every one of yours you’d better include one of mine”), Sean Ruffner and Brett Booth manage to produce a pretty good story about Venom being misled by Pike into believing that Taboo is somehow related to his symbiote and therefore drawing himself into conflict with Spider-Man and Backlash when he kidnaps her. The story ties in more to Backlash’s than Spider-Man’s continuity but is frankly all the better for avoiding any clone nonsense, and Brett Booth’s artwork is excellent. Not good enough to recommend, perhaps, but well worth a look. ~NF

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 Sean RuffnerBrett Booth

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Backlash & Spidey rescueBrett Booth, Sean RuffnerBrett Booth


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