(Marvel, 2002)
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This Done in One issue was written by Brett Mathews, who has also written a number of Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes, and drawn by “hot new find” Vatche Mavlian. The routine storyline involves the abduction of a child and the efforts Spider-Man, Daredevil, and reporter Ben Urich undertake in order to solve the case. The dilemma is solved too neatly, too easily, and too quickly (48 pages would’ve helped), but Spidey’s one-liners are pretty funny, and there are a couple of solid (if obvious) character moments, such as a serious Daredevil shunning the spotlight and letting a whimsical Spider-Man have all the glory.

Mavlian’s strangely detailed renderings are firmly in the mold of Sam Kieth, but his images aren’t as distorted and his camera angles are more conventional. His Spider-Man poses and webbing show ample Todd McFarlane influence, and his work overall in this issue exhibits much promise. One curiosity remains, however. For some reason, many of the key action scenes occur “off camera,” making the issue somewhat lacking in violence (not necessarily a good thing for a Marvel Knights comic book).

— Brett Weiss

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