(Antarctic, 1992)
©1992 Edward Pun. Ninja High School ©1992 Antarctic Press

An alien prince, Paul, has determined that his perfect mate is the Earth girl Arlene, so he arrives to woo her. With his assistant, Moniko, a shape-shifting cat, and the Earth boy Bobby, Paul tries to win Arlene’s heart. Unfortunately, James, the heir to the local fortune, is also wooing Arlene and doesn’t want the competition. His fortune is at his command to eliminate any opponents. Paul and James are both convinced that if they win the upcoming talent contest, their problems will be solved. But Moniko is not so sure that she wants her handsome prince to marry this backwater-planet female. Would she betray him?

A-OK is an enjoyable four-issue mini-series by Edward Pun, loosely connected to (but can be read independent of) Ninja High School.

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