Dhampire: Stillborn

    (Vertigo, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Nancy A. Collins

As if in response to Marvels’ vampire hero Blade, DC Comics’ Dhampire takes an edgier, more gothic approach to the classic horror staple thanks to its “For Mature Readers” imprint Vertigo.

Dhampire tells the story of Nicholas Gaunt, a human/vampire half-breed trying to find his place in the world. With his mother bitten while he was in the womb, Gaunt came into the world a stillborn birth but miraculously regained consciousness a few hours later. Since that day, he has lived his life as an outcast, attempting—but failing—suicide on several occasions. It isn’t until he learns the truth about his mother’s horrible background that he fully embraces the “dark world,” putting into motion a horrific plan to make himself a full-fledged vampire.

A far cry from the typical comic book tale, Dhampire is able to get away with its morbid theme thanks to intelligent storytelling and complimentary art. Known for its plethora of “thinking man” stories, the Vertigo stable of comics makes a perfect home for this gothic graphic novel.

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