A DC Universe Christmas

    (DC, 2000)
™ and ©2000 DC Comics

Nothing rings in “the holidays” like classic Christmas tales. In my book, the start of the shopping season doesn’t officially begin until It’s A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation are aired on networks across the country. DC Comics is the latest entity to throw its hat into the tradition-making ring with A DC Universe Christmas. Collecting 17 classic holiday stories that range from the Golden Age to modern day, the 156-page trade paperback is sure to offer Yuletide fun for fans of all ages.

From the gritty streets of Gotham City to the lofty spires of Metropolis to the barren fire pits of Apokolips, he can see you when you’re sleeping. From the gun slinging days of the Wild West to the war-torn years of World War II to the far-flung future of the 30th century, he knows if you’re awake. In fact all over the DC Universe, heroes and civilians alike reach out to their fellow man during the holiday season—with the exception of a few dastardly villains—spreading holiday cheer like super-powered Santa Clauses. And A DC Universe Christmas has them all—Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, et al in some of the publisher’s most classic Christmas adventures.

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Reprints from Adventure Comics #82, Sensation Comics #14, Captain Marvel Adventures #69, Teen Titans #13, The House of Mystery #191, Super-Star Holiday Special (DC Special Series 21), Christmas With The Super-Heroes #2, The Batman Adventures Holiday Special, Dc Universe Holiday Bash #’s 1, 2 , 3, Superman’s Christmas AdventureDenny O’Neil, Mark Waid, Brian Augustyn, William Moulton Marston, Dan Jurgens, Bob Haney, Ty Templeton, Chuck Dixon, Paul Levitz, Devin Grayson, Len Wein, Paul Dini, Ronnie Del Carman, Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, John Byrne, Jerry SiegelFrank Miller, Paul Ryan, Harry G. Peter, Dan Jurgens, Nick Cardy, Ty Templeton, Pete Costanza, Gordon Purcell, José Luis García-López, Will Rosado, Bernie Wrightson, Ronnie del Carmen, Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Enrique Alcatena, John Byrne, Craig Rousseau, Jack Burnley