Flex Mentallo

    (Vertigo, 1996)
™ and ©1996 DC Comics

Flex Mentallo first appeared during Grant Morrison’s wildly entertaining run on Doom Patrol (2nd series) as a hilarious, and somewhat surreal, spin on those Charles Atlas “Hero of the Beach” ads that ran in comic books for years. Mentallo focuses mental energy by flexing the muscles of his supreme physique—hence the moniker “the Man of Muscle Mystery”—and he fights crime clad in a leopard-spotted swimsuit and wrestling boots. This limited series finds Flex on the trail of his former comrade, the Fact, and dealing with the hopeless and cynical state into which society has deteriorated, as well as the antiheroes who represent it. Flex Mentallo is Grant Morrison at his best, tweaking long-standing super-hero concepts and forcing us to think about what we’re reading.

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