Mr. Monster: Worlds War Two

    (Atomeka, 2004)
™ and ©2004 Dave Elliott and Garry Leach

Atomeka deserves a lot of credit for its outstanding work in the field of comic-book archeology, recovering some mostly forgotten treasures like this Mr. Monster story that previously (and inexplicably, given the total lack of sex and nudity) appeared in an issue of Penthouse Max.

The story involves a Martian invasion of earth led by Hitler’s Brain set in the late ’60s that has both the camp charm and period baggage of that era’s horror movies. It’s best represented by guest appearances by Richard Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover at their most villainous and Mr. Monster’s reluctant sidekick, hippy chippy Acid Annie.

But it’s basically business as usual for comic’s greatest monster killer, who goes about his business with both the utter professionalism and a purity of purpose worthy of a Golden Age comic character. The extraordinarily lush artwork is perfectly complimented by the Laurie Smith colors. It’s not particularly complex or deep, but it is as always, enormous amounts of fun; welcome back, Mr. Monster, we’ve never needed you more.

— S.A. Bennett

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#1 Variation A

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Alex Horley coverOne-shot; ca. 2004Michael T. GilbertMichael T. Gilbert, George Freeman

#1 Variation B

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Variant Cover by Dave DormanOne-shot; ca. 2004Michael T. GilbertMichael T. Gilbert, George Freeman