Big Lou

    (Side Show, 1991, 1992)
©1991, 1992 Jim Ridings

Jim Ridings (Cheese Weasel) created Big Lou—a bonanza for cynics who have always suspected that there was someone behind all the world’s troubles. Lou is the person who thought up the strange idea of rolling up tobacco leaves, then convincing people to set them afire and put them in their mouths. He’s also the guy behind gasoline price hikes, cheaply made American cars, and wars for profit.

This one-shot comic takes aim at greed, empty symbolism, protectionism, and other political and cultural targets. Some of the most original irony comes when Lou buys the first amendment, then begins to charge people by the word to exercise their no-longer-free speech. The crowning moment comes when the formerly chattering masses, realizing that they must now choose their words with care, suddenly discover they haven’t all that much to say.

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