Beetle Bailey Big Book

    (Harvey, 1992-1993)
™ and © Harvey Comic Publications

Mort Walker began Beetle Bailey as a comic strip about a lazy college student in 1950. As the Korean War broke out, Beetle was drafted into the army to serve his country, and he never left. Today (2006), it is one of the longest lasting comic strips to still be written and drawn by its original creator, though he does have assistance from his sons. Comic book life was inevitable and Beetle Bailey was published for a number of years by Charlton. In the 90s, Harvey reprinted many of these stories and also spun off this giant sized series that capture the best adventures of America’s laziest soldier.

This series reprints more comic book stories from the Charlton Comics run of the book. As was Harvey’s pattern with almost all of their books at this time, they issued a standard 36-page edition, and a 52-page “Big Book” and a 68-page “Giant.” Walker did provide brand new cover artwork for these issues, so that makes it somewhat collectible for fans of the strip.

— Mark Arnold

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