Fantastic Four Roast

    (Marvel, 1982)
™ and ©1982 Marvel Entertainment Group

The Fantastic Four were the start of Marvel’s success in comics, so why not, on the occasion of their twentieth anniversary, throw them a party? At least, that’s what Marvel thought, and the result was the hilarious Fantastic Four Roast, written and drawn by the infamous Fred Hembeck.

The Fantastic Four are the stars at this celebrity roast featuring virtually every Marvel super-hero character ever created. With the likes of Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk handling MC duties, you can be sure that the party will be one to remember.

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Wraparound coverCelebrates 20th Anniversary of Fantastic FourFred Hembeck, Jim ShooterFrank Miller, Fred Hembeck, John Buscema, Michael Golden, Murphy Anderson, Tony DeZuniga