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    (Animated Comics Enterprises, 1987)
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Legendary comics artist Jack Cole wrote and drew some of the most memorable stories ever told, but he is probably most remembered for his elastic hero Plastic Man and cartoons done for Playboy magazine. This very special tribute to Jack Cole and his work, presented by Jerry De Fuccio, includes biographical information and commentary, sketches, photos, comic strips, and covers, as well as classic tales featuring characters such as Silver Streak, Daredevil, and The Claw. Notable stories include a classic battle between Daredevil and The Claw, completely redrawn by C.C. Beck, which originally appeared in Silver Streak Comics No. 7. Fans can also catch a glimpse of some of Cole’s early drawings done while he was taking The Landon School of Cartooning Correspondence Course. These special features offer a great overview of Cole’s life and work, proving that influential creators should never be forgotten.

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 Daredevil (Golden Age) vs. The Claw; Silver StreakJack Cole, Ralph JohnsJack Cole, Jung Choi, Ralph Johns


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 Jack Bradbury; B&W Jack Bradbury, Jack Kent


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 The Golden Age of Klaus NordlingKlaus NordlingKlaus Nordling


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 Lou Fine Lou Fine