Batman & Me

    (Eclipse, 1989, 1996)
™ and © 1989, 1996 Bill Kane

How does a cartoonist from the Bronx come to create one of the most enduring icons of the twentieth century? This is the story of Bob Kane told in his own words, and recount many of the Dark Knight’s earliest origins and adventures from the real world of cartoonists to the creation of his most lasting villains. Joker, Catwoman, Robin the Boy Wonder… all are discussed as Kane tells of his youth when many things inspired him and later ended up on the pages of Detective Comics and Batman. Meeting many people along his life’s journey, and influencing his own work, Kane’s life story is a good read for those with a desire to know more about the inner workings of not only the comic book industry, but television, movies, and just life in general.

— Ron Black
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Hardcover - 2nd printing

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Bob Kane, Tom Andrae, Joel Schumacher, Bill Finger, Joe GreeneBob Kane, Jerry Robinson