(Vertigo, 1994)
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There is a place somewhere east of the sun and west of the moon where children can live by themselves. It is the Free Country, a magical realm which no adult can spoil.

In The Children‘s Crusade, a movement began to bring the children of our world into the haven of the Free Country. The story continued throughout the various Vertigo annuals of 1993, with various “special” children being taken to the Free Country in order that their magical powers would provide it with life. All that remained now was to bring over the most special child of all: Timothy Hunter.

Young Timothy, last been seen in the Books of Magic mini-series, may be the most naturally powerful magician of his generation. Still, he’s not sure about what it’s all about and is having quite enough trouble simply being a 13 year-old. Now, the fate of a world rests in his hands…

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Annual #1

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 The Children’s Crusade; ca. 1994John Ney RieberPeter Gross