Arik Khan (Andromeda)

    (Andromeda, 1977-1979)
™ and ©1977 Frank Reyes

(From The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

One of the earliest independent titles, and seemingly a labor of love from creator Franc Reyes. He put a lot of work into creating a real world for his character, which makes it a shame that this is nothing but bog-standard barbarian material. Except the backups, which are sub-standard barbarian material. ~FP

(For an alternate view on this series, check out the Arik Khan (A+) review)

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 B&WFrank Reyes, Ogden Whitney, B.P. NicholFrank Reyes, Ogden Whitney


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  Ron Van Leeuwen, George OlshevskyFrank Reyes, Tom Nesbitt


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  Ron Van Leeuwen, George OlshevskyTom Nesbitt, Frank Reyes