MFI: The Ghosts of Christmas

    (Image, 1999)
™ and ©1999 Rick Cortez and Logan Lubera

Monster Fighters, Inc. features five powerful young people who fight the paranormal, adventures chronicled by a talking black cat. If they can just keep from getting on each other’s nerves, they’ll become a powerful team.

When a holiday storm forces the group to bunker down in the house, the stir crazies set in, magnifying the little things they do to each other and causing a confrontation that could split the team forever. If they don’t make it through this night before Christmas, the results will be devastating down the road. After they all go to bed angry, the ghosts of the past, present and future of three of the team appear, trying to shine a little light of hope.

This holiday one-shot was created by J. Torres with art from a team of six, including Francis Manapul and Rob Armstrong. Torres’ other credits include Siren and Love in Tights.

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 J. TorresFrancis Manapul