Carnal Comics: Brittany Andrews

    (Re-Visionary, 1998)
™ and © Re-Visionary Press

In ten X-rated pages, porn star Brittany Andrews gives a fast–paced account of her life to date; starting with her rebellious teen years in Millwaukee (sic) and her quick transition into a successful businesswoman by age sixteen.

Under the sexual tutelage of a Puerto Rican boyfriend, Brittany learned she’s “extremely orgasmic” and can climax without even touching herself. Heeding a call, she embarked on a stripping career that became more after some personal advice from porn titan Jenna Jameson.

Brittany gives a rundown of her notable film work including The Fanny which was written for her because her laugh resembles Fran Drescher's laugh on television’s The Nanny. She describes celebrity encounters with Howard Stern (she got naked and licked his feet) and Ozzy Osbourne (his cold fingers felt good on her nipples) and wraps up with a lengthy enumeration of her successful and ongoing business projects behind the camera. Brittany delivers a pro–safer sex message and gives props to Madonna for templating female sexual self–empowerment.

Ten full–page black and white photographs taken from Brittany’s film and modeling work follow the biography portion of the book, along with a delightful eight-page back-up story depicting her most rapturous sexual fantasy which features alien abduction and cunnilingus with a metamorphic cat woman.

— Leland Burrill

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AdultBrittany Andrews, Jay Allen SanfordPat Broderick, Kevin Breyfogle

#1 Nude Edition

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Adult; B&w, limited photo nude cover, nude photo on back cover with addition nude photos inside. indica on 4th-to-last page.Brittany Andrews, Jay Allen SanfordPat Broderick, Kevin Breyfogle