The Amazing Spider-Man Super Special

    (Marvel, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Once upon a time there was a dark period in Spider-Man’s history known as The Clone Saga, in which there were two Spider-Mans running around, one of them a clone by the name of Ben Reilly. And with multiple wall-crawlers and multiple titles, it only made sense to Marvel Comics to run an epic tale, “Planet of the Symbiotes,” through “super special” issues of each Spider-Man comic. The storyline enabled them to incorporate yet another wall-crawler or two, the antihero Venom and the villain Carnage. Throw in a whole mess of symbiotes and you get a mess of an adventure in which a group of anti-technology terrorists make trouble for Spider-Man and the Thing, with Venom running around and Carnage lurking in the background.

The flip book also features a “Scarlet Spider” tale in which the aforementioned clone tries to get on with his life. There’s also a “Steel Spider” short story (think a cross between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus) that gives new evidence of how startlingly out of control Marvel went with their arachnid franchise before recognizing their mistake and trying desperately to fix it.
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David Michelinie, Terry Kavanagh, Eric FeinDave Hoover, Phil Gosier