Avenue X

    (Purple Spiral, 1992-1995)
™ and © 1995 Brenda Black, Purple Spiral Productions

Veronica Reverence is a beautiful vampire who recently escaped the vampire jail known to humans as The Knight Club. She killed fellow vampire, Pagan, but only as an act of mercy to save her from an excruciating death in a fire. Now she revels in her power at her lair on Avenue X where she entices unsuspecting victims to their death.

This title is a combination horror comic and bad girl pin-up book. Unfortunately as a horror title the writing is stilted and the art is primitive. The pin-up pages are done by different artists, and while better, are still cold and lifeless.

This book appears to continue storylines that were started when the title was initially published by Innovation, and was adapted from a radio drama on WBAI-NY a community radio station in New York.
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September, 1992
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Brenda BlackRobert Chang

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