(Marvel, 1995)
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The powerful Infinity Gems have been the catalyst for a number of cosmically oriented series from Marvel such as Infinity Watch and Infinity Gauntlet, as well as an important part of the Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer series. Now the ubiquitous role of cosmic bait falls to the Gems again, as Loki, the Norse God of Mischief, and an Elder of the universe, the Grandmaster, engage in a cosmic Dungeons & Dragons-type of role-playing game which they call Worlds and Warriors.

With Loki manipulating the Malibu group, UltraForce, and the Grandmaster employing the Avengers, various members square off against one another as pawns in a drama that holds a few surprises for everyone involved.
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October, 1995
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Wraparound cover; Continues in UltraForce/Avengers #1; Foil logo Glenn HerdlingAngel Medina, M.C. Wyman