Aliens: Purge

    (Dark Horse, 1997)
™ and ©1997 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Inc.

At a remote outpost, the Adullam Research Facility has been exploring methods of using the Aliens for profit-generating purposes. The research team has found that when lepers are infected with an Alien hatchling, the final stage of development is delayed, thus enabling the lepers to work with the creatures because Aliens won’t harm those carrying their young. But this scheme is not profitable enough for the research facility’s new owners, so it’s about to be shut down. In an attempt to stop the closing, Dr. Lichtner reveals another aspect of the research: the creation of a alien/android hybrid, grown from a queen’s DNA. Eloise is the first of what could be many profitable androids, but she has become a mother figure to the lepers and does not appreciate the company’s downsizing plan.

The new owners are taught a fundamental lesson: never get between a mother and her “children.”

— George Haberberger

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