Marvel Holiday Special

    (Marvel, 1991-1997, 2005-2007)
™ and ©1991 Marvel Entertainment Group

A one-shot for the 1991 Christmas season, this special features many of the most popular Marvel characters in holiday storylines. This is not to say that the stories are all sweetness and light. The Fantastic Four feature is a warm tribute to Charles Dickens’ Scrooge, with young Franklin Richards rewarded for donating his last quarter to a needy apparition. On the other hand, the Punisher storyline seems to indicate that his idea of a merry Christmas is a mob deal that goes sour, killing his target for him. Other stories feature the X-Men, Captain America, Ghost Rider, Captain Ultra, and Spider-Man. All are good, some are excellent. Overall, The Marvel Holiday Special, is a great holiday season present from Marvel.

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No cover date or date in indiciaca. 1991Danny Fingeroth, Len Kaminski, Scott Lobdell, Steven Grant, Tom DeFalco, Walt SimonsonDave Cockrum, Dennis Jensen, Klaus Janson, Ron Garney, Ron Lim, Sal Buscema, Tom Grindberg, Ron Frenz, Rik Levins, Rurik Tyler


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Wraparound coverFor 1993 holiday seasonLarry Hama, Fabian Nicieza, Stan Lee, Carl Potts, Peter David, Jim Starlin, Sholly Fisch, Ann NocentiAl Milgrom, Darick Robertson, John Hebert, Michael Golden, Rik Michael Golden, Sal Buscema, Steve Lightle, Rik Levins, Rurik Tyler, Ron Lim, Tom Morgan, Tom Grindberg, Darren Auck, Ernie Chan, Dave Cockrum, KErry Gammill, Ron Garney


4 copies available from $1.00
 For 1994 holiday seasonGreg Wright, J.M. DeMatteis, John Ostrander, Karl Bollers, Kurt Busiek, Mindy NewellGray Morrow, James W. Fry III, Mike Manley, Rick Leonardi, Sal Buscema, Tom Mandrake

#1994 Variation A

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 Pin-upsSteven Grant, Howard Chaykin, Barry Dutter, Scott Lobdell, Ann Nocenti, Peter DavidPat Broderick, Howard Chaykin, Marie Severin, Dennis Jensen, Tom Grindberg, Ron Lim, Tom Morgan, Alex Saviuk, Michael Golden, Patrick Olliffe, Nick Nepolitano


7 copies available from $3.50
  Mark Waid, Evan Skolnick, George Pérez, Stan Lee, Karl Kesel, Tom DeFalcoJoshua Hood, Patrick Olliffe, Patrick Zircher, Rick Leonardi


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Cover says No. 1 Tom DeFalco, Roberto Aguirre-SacasaTakeshi Miyazawa, Roger Cruz, Duncan Rouleau


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  Shaenon Garrity, Jeff Parker, Mike CareyRoger Langridge, Reilly Brown, Michael Perkins


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Reprints cover of #1994A Andrew Farago, Shaenon Garrity, Scott Gray, Mike Carey, Jeff Christiansen, Ralph MacchioRon Lim, Roger Langridge, Michael Perkins, Arthur Adams, John Buscema, Michael W. Kaluta, George Pérez, Mike Wieringo


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  Andrew Farago, Shaenon Garrity, Fred Hembeck, C. B. Cebulski, Mike CareyLou Kang, Fred Hembeck, Alina Urusov, Nelson


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 Indicia lists title as Marvel Holiday Special 2011Miljenko Horvatic, Kurtis J. Wiebe, Aaron Shaps, Jamie S. RichAndrew Trabbold, Patrick Scherberger, Sebastian Piriz, Paco Diaz

Book #1

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 For 2006 Holiday; Collects Marvel Holiday Special 2004, 2005, Marvel Team-Up #1, Uncanny X-Men #143Tom Defalco, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Shaenon Garrity, Jeff Parker, Mike Carey, Roy Thomas, John Byrne, Chris ClaremontTakeshi Miyazawa, Roger Cruz, Duncan Rouleau, Ross Andru, John Byrne, Roger Langridge, Reilly Brown, Michael Perkins

Book #2

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 1995 collectionDanny Fingeroth, Scott Lobdell, Karl Bollers, Larry Hama, Steven Grant, Peter David, Carl Potts, Richard Howell, Stan LeeRon Garney, Dave Cockrum, Gray Morrow, Michael Golden, Pat Broderick, Ron Lim, Rik Levins, Steve Lightle, Al Milgrom