Batman and Robin: The Official Adaptation of the Warner Bros. Motion Picture

    (DC, 1997)
™ and ©1997 DC Comics, Inc.

Batman & Robin adapts the 1997 feature film, in which Batman, Robin, and Batgirl attempt to thwart the latest diabolical villains to hit Gotham City. The villains are Mr. Freeze, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who turns to crime to help save his wife from a terminal illness, and Poison Ivy, a scientist who wants to make the Earth safe for plant life, even if at the expense of humanity. With the aid of drug-powered arch-nemesis Bane, they join forces to destroy Gotham City. Only with the help of Robin and Batgirl can Batman hope to stop their evil plans.

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 NN; Movie adaptation; Regular formatDenny O’NeilRodolfo DaMaggio

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 NN; Movie adaptation; Prestige formatDenny O’NeilRodolfo DaMaggio