The Amazing Cynicalman

    (Eclipse, 1987)
™ and ©1987 Matt Feazell

Matt Feazell began drawing comics in junior high school. His stick figure drawings of teachers eventually gave birth to Cynicalman. Cynicalman is a badly drawn Everyman who fights the good fight although he knows it’s probably never going to work out right. But somehow, all this doom, gloom, and depression winds up being unbearably funny.

This 1987 one-shot is one of few regular-sized Cynicalman comics ever printed. (His earlier adventures were presented in a series of mini-comics and distributed through the small press circuit.) It’s a splendid introduction to one of best-loved and worst-drawn characters in comics. Here we see C.M. at his morbid best, joined by fellow stick people Antisocialman, Cute Girl, Stupid Boy, Spud ‘n’ Ernie, and the aptly named Plainman.

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