The Comic Book Encyclopedia

    (HarperCollins, 2004)
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Let’s play a game. I name a character, and you tell me when they were created, who drew them, which company published the comic, and some interesting facts about them. Wait, isn’t that what Ron Goulart has done?

Yep, sure has. In The Comic Book Encyclopedia by the veteran comic-book historian and author, Goulart has compiled an amazing reference book. From creators to characters to genres, he goes through the full gamut. Arranged alphabetically, he gives us a great overview of the “best” in comics. From Golden Age artists to rarely seen series to modern masterpieces from Alan Moore, Daniel Clowes, and even Robert Crumb, they all receive their due. If this book has a drawback, it is not the outstanding graphics design, nor the information, but rather the fact that it is only 378 pages.

The history of comic books cries out for a complete compendium of creators, characters, and companies. The Comic Book Encyclopedia just whets the appetite for more. Let’s shoot for 1,000 pages! 2,000?

— Tim Lasiuta
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