Buckaroo Banzai

    (Marvel, 1984-1985)
ô and ©1984 Sherwood Productions, Inc.

This two-issue series adapts the unlikely cult movie hit. Its star, Buckaroo Banzai, is the son of an American woman and a Japanese man, both noted scientists. His father, Dr. Masado Banzai, died researching the 8th dimension.

As a man, Buckaroo carried on his fatherís work, eventually proving the 8th dimensionís existence, then going one step farther. Buckaroo actually found a way to drive a car through the side of a mountain, pass through the 8th dimension, then come out on the other side. Unfortunately, in doing so he picked up some visitors. Now all of Earth is threatened by bizarre 8th dimension beings, as well as from aliens from outer space.

And of course, itís up to Buckaroo and his band of scientist/rockers, the Hong Kong Cavaliers, to save the day!

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Movie adaptationBill MantloMark Texeira


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Movie adaptation