Who’s Who in Star Trek

    (DC, 1987)
™ and ©1987 Paramount Pictures Corporation

Who’s Who in Star Trek is a two-issue mini-series patterned after its predecessor, Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe. It gives a full rundown on all the important characters and places in the various Star Trek series, along with vital statistics, histories, and more.

For instance, it’s not often that a Star Trek fan actually gets to read a map of Starfleet Academy or sees the blueprint to an Enterprise, Reliant, or Excelsior Starship. How many people actually know from which planet the troublesome Tribbles came? Who are the Tellarites? Why do security guards always get killed first, and why would you become a security guard right out of the academy? If these are the sort of questions a Star Trek fan has in mind, Who’s Who in Star Trek has the answers.

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7 copies available from $2.25
Wraparound cover; Andorians to McCoyAllan AshermanMike Clark, George Pérez, Art Thibert, Ken Penders, John Byrne, Jan Duursema, Jonathan Peterson, Dan Spiegle, Ron Frenz, Denys Cowan, Kevin Maguire, Joe Brozowski, Jim Reddington, Steve Bove, Ron Randall, Dan Jurgens, Tom Sutton, Art Nichols, Gray Morrow, Michael Bair


4 copies available from $2.75
Wraparound cover; McGivers to VulcansAllan AshermanJoe Brozowski, Mike Clark, Keith Williams, Michael Bair, Ron Frenz, Curt Swan, Joe Rubinstein, Ken Penders, John Byrne, Terry Austin, Chris Wozniak, Murphy Anderson, Todd McFarlane, Jonathan Peterson, Mark Pacella, Jan Duursema, Walt Simonson, Kevin Maguire, Gray Morrow, George Pérez, Tom Sutton, Danny Bulanadi, Arne Starr, Bill Wray, Colleen Doran, Mike Carlin, Cynthia Martin, Art Thibert, Steve Bove