Apache Dick

    (Eternity, 1990)
™ and ©1992 Will Jacobs and Gerard Jones

Best known as Lester Girls’ lecherous blood brother in The Trouble With Girls, Apache Dick gets a chance to strike out on his own in this four-issue mini-series. It all begins when Apache gets a call from his brother, Private Dick, a—you guessed it—private investigator. Private needs Apache to help him get the goods on a woman named Baby Doll who has married and helped murder seven husbands. In each case, Baby used her incredible seductive powers to lure a patsy into killing her current husband. She then collects the insurance money and the inheritance and starts again.

Apache’s mission was to act as the next patsy, gather evidence, then warn the police. Instead, Apache falls head over heels for this “angel” of a woman, swearing that she couldn’t possibly have done those terrible things. But the next thing Apache knows, he’s standing over the body of her former husband, having just shot the husband to death…

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