Batman-Spawn: War Devil

    (DC, 1994)
™ and ©1994 DC Comics and Todd McFarlane Productions, Inc.

Six years ago, Batman witnessed the assassination of construction magnate Simon Vespers just as his magnum opus, Gotham Tower, was beginning construction. Incredibly, the body disappeared, but detailed instructions kept the construction on schedule. Now on the eve of the building’s completion, Simon Vespers miraculously returns. In the interim, Vesper’s company has purchased properties which, when connected, inscribe a pentagram with Gotham Tower in its center.

Spawn, in his previous existence as Col. Al Simmons, undertook an assignment to eliminate Simon Vespers. Half-buried memories of Vespers’ complicity, stirred by pictures of the Gotham Tower’s grand opening, bring Spawn to Batman’s city. Together Spawn and Batman attempt to unravel a mystery that extends from America’s first European settlement and now threatens to bring Gotham City to disaster.

This title was the first of two crossover books featuring Todd McFarlane’s tragic hero, Spawn and DC’s icon, Batman. Doug Moench, Chuck Dixon and Alan Grant wrote the DC-managed version and Frank Miller wrote the Image-supervised counterpart, Spawn-Batman.

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