Nick Hazard

    (Harrier, 1988)
™ and © 1987 JRF Enterprises & Harrier Publishing

The Golden Age of science-fiction pulp comics is revisited and given a British spin in Harrier Comics’ Nick Hazard Interstellar Agent. A modern day recreation of the classic John Russell Fearn/Ron Turner collaboration, contemporary readers are given a glimpse into the past in the way of this 34-page, black and white comics magazine.

With artwork by Turner and scripting by Philip Harbottle (Fearn’s biographer), classic Fearn stories, such as “Lords of 9016” and “Planet of Doom,” are retold through the eyes of new recurring character Nick Hazard. By throwing him into the thick of the action, the title combines the inventive strengths of the original story—its “sense of wonder”—with a continuing hero. The result: An entertaining adventure that Golden Age fans are sure to love.

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