Avengers Strike File

    (Marvel, 1994)
™ and ©1993 Marvel Entertainment Group

The probe had been traveling a long, long way across space. Finally, it crashed down into the “Blue Area” of Earth’s moon, a tiny area of the lunar surface where the Kree had once created an oxygen-rich atmosphere. There, a small band of Kree survivors discovered it and learned the story that this voyager had to tell.

It was a message device from the planet Cyllandra, a world the former Kree Empire had dedicated to be the recorders of Kree history. It told of the final days of the empire, a story better known to comics readers as “Operation: Galactic Storm.” Although the Avengers had fought to prevent it, that saga had ended with the Nega-Bomb exploding, wiping out the Kree homeworld. Unfortunately, this recorder told the tale from the Kree’s rather skewed point of view, blaming the whole episode on the Avengers. As a result, these few surviving Kree swear to continue a war that never should have been fought.

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Wraparound cover Bob HarrasJeffrey Moore, Mark Pacella, Thomas Tenney