Marvel Milestones: Captain Britain, Psylocke & Sub-Mariner

    (Marvel, 2005)
™ and © Marvel Characters, Inc.

This book reprints Uncanny X-Men #213 and stories from Spectacular Spider-Man Adventures #114 and Human Torch #2. In the first tale, Spider-Man and Captain Britain team up to take on the Red Skull. Intended for younger readers, the story includes a retelling of Captain Britain’s origin. The second story features Captain Britain’s sister, Psylocke, doing battle with Sabretooth during the Mutant Massacre storyline. The final reprint is an early Namor appearance from the Golden Age of comics.

— Colin Chan

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 Collects stories from Spectacular Spider-Man Adventures #114, Uncanny X-Men #213, and Human Torch #2; ca. 2005Jim Alexander, Chris ClaremontJon Haward, Alan Davis