Doom Force Special

    (DC, 1992)

DC spoofs its own Doom Patrol with a silly set of heroes: the Crying Boy, who absorbed the mysterious energies of a cheap painting and brings misfortune wherever he goes; Spinner, a half-woman, half-ape who gives form to others’ nightmares; Shasta, the Living Mountain, whose only ability is to turn into a mountain, complete with skiers, lifts, and lodges; Scratch, who can dismantle anything; and Flux, who can turn into anything, including holes in the floor. Throw in an inane plot and two ridiculous super-villains who have the skimpiest costumes ever seen in comicdom (no kidding) and you get fifty-five pages worth of laughs.

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 X-Force parodyGrant MorrisonDuke Mighten, Ian Montgomery, Ken Steacy, Paris Cullins, Richard Case, Steve Pugh