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    (DC, 2003, 2006)
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The development of Batman’s “New Look” was welcome in the 1960s and preceded the Batman TV show. Comic-book fans today do not appreciate the change from the Batman of the 1950s to the more edgy, imaginative hero we know today. Those who read this volume will appreciate it.
Cracking the pages of the hardcover led me to “How to Solve a Perfect Crime in Reverse.” The story is packed with twists, turns, and a plot so original that you have to read it. This Batman is no slouch, and the Julius Schwartz touches that made Adam Strange so popular are here, too. A portable recorder, Polaroid lenses, and a robotic-bionic man controlled via electronics. High tech — high entertainment!
Infantino, Giella, Moldoff, and Anderson give us stories from Batman #334-339 and Detective Comics #168-171. The stories and covers printed on high-quality paper jump off the pages, just as they were supposed to. The Penguin, The Riddler, a witch, and an explosive gorilla all appear in these stories.
Gotta love both Batman and this presentation.
–Tim Lasiuta
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Gardner Fox, Bill Finger, France Edward HerronCarmine Infantino, Sheldon Moldoff, Bob Kane, Joe Giella, Murphy Anderson, Sid Greene