Glory & Friends Christmas Special

    (Image, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Rob Liefeld. Fusion™ and ©1995 Patrick Lee

Glory & Friends Christmas Special was a one-shot comic published in time for the Christmas season of 1995. It featured art by fan favorites like Mike Deodato Jr., Rob Liefeld, Roger Cruz, Robert Napton, and J. Morgan.

The pinup-heavy special is kicked off by Amazonian princess Glory, who muses on about Christmas and the nature of sacrifice. Next, the kids of Bloodpool compare notes on their various families’ Christmas celebrations during a game of Monopoly in “Home for the Holidays?” In the third piece, hard-bitten vigilante Knightmare spends his holidays striking fear into the hearts of criminals, and reflecting on what should have been happier times when his family was alive. In the final story, Youngblood member Riptide solves a mystery and takes on a dangerous race of beings while alone in the Antarctic.

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 Eric Stephenson, Robert Napton, Rob LiefeldBrian Denham, J. Morrigan, Todd Nauck, Rob Liefeld, Roger Cruz, Calvin Irving