Grave Tales

    (Hamilton, 1991-1992)
™ and © 1991 Bruce Hamilton Publishing, Inc.

This title was Hamilton Comics’ short-lived attempt to “resurrect” the format initiated by EC in the late 50s with their Horror Illustrated, and successfully produced by Warren in black and white horror comics anthologies with names like Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella. The only problem is that the writing and the artwork were nowhere near as good as their predecessors. Timing may also have had something to do with it, as by the time Grave Tales appeared, horror comics magazines were already out of vogue.

— Mark Arnold

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3 copies available from $5.00
 1st appearance of The Grave Digger; 1st appearance of Echo; 1st appearance of Mr. G; 1st appearance of Deadpan; B&WEric Dinehart, Link Yaco, Bill Pearson, Russ Miller, Nat GertlerJoe Staton, Pat Boyette, Gray Morrow, John Heebink, Batton Lash


5 copies available from $3.99
 1st appearance of Obadiah; Includes The Haunting of Henry James text feature; B&WNat Gertler, Henry James, Geoffrey Blum, Eric Dinehart, Jack C. Harris, Bill Pearson, James Van HiseSparky Moore, Joe Staton, Steve Stiles, John Heebink, Russ Miller, Tom Sutton


3 copies available from $3.99
 Final issue; B&WJohn Cochran, Steve Skeates, Saki, Geoffrey Blum, Nicola Cuti, Jack C. Harris, Jeff Bailey, Marty GoliaJoe Staton, John Workman Jr., Sparky Moore, Nicola Cuti, John Heebink