Backpack Marvels: Avengers

    (Marvel, 2001)
™ and ©2000 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Quicksilver and his sister, the Scarlet Witch, thought they knew the story of their birth and childhood, until the day a mysterious, old puppeteer arrives in town. Inexorably, they find themselves drawn to the remote wilds of Wundagore Mountain, looking for answers. But unfortunately, inside the mountain lurks a deadly evil.

Even if the Avengers survive their confrontation with this demonic force, they still must face challenges from the Absorbing Man and Deathbird, as well as weathering interference from the United States government!

This digest-size, black and white publication reprints stories from Avengers #’s 181-189 mainly written by David Michelinie and penciled by John Byrne.

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 Reprints Avengers (vol. 1) #181-189David MichelinieGene Day, John Byrne