(Atlas Magazines, 1951-1960)
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“Hi-Ya-A-! This will be our last retreat comrades! I have just thought of a cunning plan…which will destroy the Yankee Fox company!”

Ok, it wasn’t exactly literature, and the plan in question (to let the company of brave Americans capture a hill, then use what seem like a couple of regiments to surround them) wasn’t so hot, either. Still, Battle was fine escapist reading for the fifties. As a sign of the times, it tended to feature at least a couple of Korean War stories per issue, wherein the hard-fighting Americans would stop hordes of yellow-skinned soldiers from trampling over life, liberty, and the inevitable innocents in harm’s way. On what seemed like a lighter note, it also included war features dating back to the American Civil War or further, lending a period-piece feel to what were some of the least believable—but fun—war stories published during the era.
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