Beg the Question

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Love, sex, and both the drama and often mundane nature of life itself. This story of two twenty-somethings in New York City encompasses all of these things, as Rob and Sylvia deal with either unsuccessful or unfulfilling careers, immature friends, and the question of what comes next in their relationship. Bob Fingerman drew heavily from his own experiences in writing and drawing this ode to life, with all of its virtues and vices.

Collected into a thick and eventful graphic novel, Fingerman’s epic is rich with adult content and themes. The black and white story is by turns humorous, sad, and touching, and features a foreword by Penn Jillette.

— Andy Richardson

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 Collects stories from Minimum Wage; Introduction by Penn Jillette; B&WBob FingermanBob Fingerman

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 Collects stories from Minimum WageBob FingermanBob Fingerman